Junha Roh
Software Engineer
I am a software engineer at Third Wave Automation making shared autonomy for warehouse forklifts. Before joining Third Wave Automation, I received my PhD from Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, advised by Ali Farhadi and Dieter Fox, in 2022. My research focuses on robotics and vision, particularly in vision language navigation and autonomous driving. Previously, I worked as a researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Technology. I received MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University, advised by Kyoung Mu Lee.
LanguageRefer: Spatial-Language Model for 3D Visual Grounding
Junha Roh, Karthik Desingh, Ali Farhadi, Dieter Fox
CoRL 2021
Multimodal Trajectory Prediction via Topological Invariance for Navigation at Uncontrolled Intersections
Junha Roh*, Christoforos Mavrogiannis*, Rishabh Madan*, Dieter Fox, Siddhartha S. Srinivasa
CoRL 2020
Conditional Driving from Natural Language Instructions
Junha Roh, Chris Paxton, Andrzej Pronobis, Ali Farhadi, Dieter Fox
CoRL 2019
A Fast TGV-l1 RGB-D Flow Estimation
Junha Roh, Hwasup Lim, Sang Chul Ahn
ISCV 2014
Robust Visual Tracking with Double Bounding Box Model
Junseok Kwon, Junha Roh, Kyoung Mu Lee, Luc van Gool
ECCV 2014
Visual tracking using the joint inference of target state and segment-based appearance models
Junha Roh, Dong Woo Park, Junseok Kwon, Kyoung Mu Lee